How to Improve Your Digestive Health Naturally Under Chiropractic Care in Crystal Lake IL

How to Improve Your Digestive Health Naturally Under Chiropractic Care in Crystal Lake IL

Chiropractic Crystal Lake IL Improve Digestive Health

Chiropractic’s effect on heartburn, constipation, and digestive health in Crystal Lake IL

Digestive issue are rampant in our society. The GI Alliance states that 20 million Americans suffer from chronic digestive diseases, creating the most prevalent cause of diability in the workforce.

Apart from stats, we all know someone who has IBS, Chrohn’s, is gluten intolerant. Even commonplace heartburn, flatulence and constipation in Crystal Lake IL shouldn’t be overlooked and regarded as normal.

The good news is that you can improve your digestive health naturally, from the inside out.
It’s important to not just focus on the digestive symptoms, as uncomfortable as they can be! The whole body is connected and when it all functions correctly, the entire body benefits.

This whole body healing can be seen in people who receive treatment from chiropractors. Although chiropractic cannot heal the gastrointestinal tract, the direct effect on the nervous system has been seen to help the body heal.

Here are just some of the conditions have improved after chiropractic care:

  • Heartburn
  • GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease )
  • Digestive Health
  • Constipation

Heartburn is caused by either too little or too much acid in the stomach. When the acid reaches the esophagus, it can be extremely painful. This pain can interfere with your day-to-day activities and even your quality of life!

Getting consistent adjustments works to help the nerves in your body communicate clearly. When this happens the digestive system receives proper nervous system supply which then helps the body to correct the cause of heartburn and not just manage the symptoms.

A case study in 2016 found that a 37- year -old man who has been suffering from GERD for years had both improved mental and physical health after getting treatments. The study even found that this outcome was so successful that it encouraged more studies to be published to show just how effective Chiropractic is.

For patients with constipation, chiropractic works the same way; helping the body to heal itself by restoring normal nervous system function. Constipation can be very dangerous and lead to hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse, and even shock. Laxatives can lead to dehydration, mineral deficiencies, and electrolyte disturbances. On the otherhand, adjustments work withthe body naturally, withoutthrowing off the body’s important balance.

This is especially true for constipated babies! Birth can be extremely traumatic causing subluxations in the spine making it hard for them to poop regularly. This constipation can be comfortable at best and dangerous in the worst cases.

A gentle adjustment can make all the difference, reliveing pressure on the nerves and relieving constipation. In our office, we often tell parents to watch for a blowout diaper post-adjustment - and sometimes, it happens while the baby is still on the table!

At other times, the subluxation is causing colic. Upset tummies often cause babies to be fussy and not at ease in general. This can be difficult on the entire family.

It’s amazing to watch a newborn settle into a peaceful sleep, even during the adjustment. Countless families have found peace as their baby begins to function well and thrive.

Get Into That Sweet Parasympathetic “Rest & Digest” Mode

When you are running for your life, your body shuts down the non-essential systems. This includes digestion. Turns out, you can’t send extra blood flow to muscles and digest at the same time.

The funny thing is, the body can’t tell between stressful lifestyle and immediate danger.

As the body struggles to adapt to physical, chemical and emotional stressors, it affects the alignment of our spine, which then puts pressure on the delicate nerve roots that exit the spinal cord. We call this a subluxation.

When under pressure, the nervous system then struggles to switch out of survival mode. If we are chronically in that “fight, flight or freeze” mode, we just aren’t going to be digesting well.

Many natural healthcare practioners are acknowledging the importance of calming the nervous system to heal specifically digestive issues. Reducing stress, breathing exercises, meditation, dietary changes, exercise, more sleep and drinking more water are all wonderful ways to naturally support your digestive system and get you into a parasympathetic “rest & digest” mode.

However, none of those will address the subluxation, the pressure on the nervous system. Chiropractors identify where it is (we use x-rays to give us a closer look) and specifically adjust the joints so the nerves can function properly.

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