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What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic Crystal Lake IL What is Chiropractic

Many people go to a chiropractor because they are in pain. A common assumption is if you don’t feel any pain, then there is nothing wrong. Unfortunately, pain is a poor indicator of health and there are many different factors that can cause spinal shifting which leads to many kinds of health issues. Pain is only one of many measures of the health of your spine.

Our Crystal Lake chiropractors teach that a healthy spine moves well. Spinal joints are called synovial joints, which means they are comprised of synovial fluid to distribute nutrition and vital components of spinal health. When a spinal joints stops moving the way it should, this means synovial fluid also does not move the way it should, which means the health of the joint is compromised. We work to identify areas that are not moving well, and precisely and gently adjust them to restore motion and thus function to the spine. This returns normal function to the joint, and normal physiology and health to the nervous system and body.

Different kinds of emotional, environmental and physical stresses in our everyday lives can cause shifting in the spine. When shifting in the spine takes place, this is called Subluxation. Subluxations weaken and collapse the spine and are reflected in your posture.

Postural distortions deplete energy in the spinal cord and in all of the vital organs. As a result, energy starved organs can degenerate and become diseased and accelerated the aging process of your body. The most dangerous aspect of postural distortions and subluxations is that it may not cause any pain.

Even though pain is an obvious sign that something is wrong, your spine could be causing disease, collapsing or speed up aging and you may have no idea it’s happening. Your posture is directly related to your overall health and wellness.

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