Top 9 Reasons People Love to Get Adjusted in Crystal Lake

Top 9 Reasons People Love to Get Adjusted in Crystal Lake

Chiropractic Crystal Lake IL April Blog Post

An estimated 35 million Americans seek out chiropractic care every year for various reasons, from pain to wellness. What is it that they love about the chiropractic adjustment?

1. Chiropractic empowers you: As chiropractors, we don’t add or take anything away from your body. Adjustments are about making sure your nervous system isn’t under pressure from misaligned bones (subluxations). The healing power is already within you.

Our patients love being in control of health and learning more about caring for their bodies.

2. Improved mobility and range of motion: Our joints were made to move! When they are restricted, we won’t be able to function well…and they won’t feel great! Chiropractic realigns the bones, gently restoring movement and flexibility.

A common comment is when patients realize that they can fully turn their head to safely merge into traffic! We love being part of restoring your body’s natural ability to function and heal.

3. Optimized your workouts: Get your structure in place first! Getting adjusted helps your muscles to develop in a balanced way to hold your bones in alignment. With improved nerve flow as well, your body is operating at a higher level throughout your workout and recovery.

When your spine is out of alignment, you may be unbalanced during a workout and at a greater risk for injury.

4. Better, deeper sleep: One of the first things new patients report is frequently that they are sleeping better. That’s rarely the reason they started chiropractic care, however it can be the first sign that their body is relaxing, functioning better, and healing.

This can include falling to sleep more quickly, staying asleep longer, and waking up feeling fully refreshed. This makes sense as your posture improves and your body is more comfortable, but also as your nerve function improves without subluxations.

5. More energy: Chronic fatigue is rampant in our society - everyone seems tired out or burned out for various reasons.

Chiropractic improves the efficiency of the nervous system - imagine getting the cells getting one concise memo about how to do their job, versus a dozen incomplete memos.

When the nervous system, along with the body's other systems, doesn’t have to work as hard to communicate, there’s more energy to go around. Combined with better sleep, this is something we hear from a lot of chiropractic patients.

A 2012 study in the Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research found that people diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome had improved quality of life following upper cervical adjustments.

6. Healing post-injury: Whiplash after a car wreck is a more common reason for people to start chiropractic care (and we’d certainly recommend that you be checked). However, many injuries can affect the spine and be overlooked.

Birth is often a source of trauma to a newborn’s neck. In 1987, Dr. Godfrey Gutmann studied a thousand newborns and found that nearly 80% of them had subluxations to their necks.

Other traumas can range from a child falling hard on their bottom at the swingset, a concussion during sports or micro trauma from repeated movements at an office job.

Being adjusted ensures that a good flow of information, and thus nutrients and healing, can flow to any area of the body that’s injured.

7. Mental clarity: Brain researchers are still discovering our thoughts are created generated, as neurons fire and synapses occur. What is clear, is that thoughts involve electrochemical reactions.

When your brain-body connection is clear of interference, pressure, or inflammation, there’s less “white noise” in the body, turning up the volume on your brain’s function. You may be able to “hear yourself think” again!

8. Fewer headaches: Our patients regularly say that they are experiencing significantly fewer headaches or that they’ve disappeared altogether. This can be due to a variety of reasons but the biggest one for us is that it shows the body’s self-healing, self-regulating capacity has been turned on.

It could be that hormones balanced out, sinus pressure was removed, or the body was better able to adapt to stress. Whatever needed to be done, the body took care of it!

9. Positive outlook: What’s the biggest reason people want to receive chiropractic care in Crystal Lake? Because when they feel like family when they’re here and they leave happier than when they arrived.

It’s our mission to provide care for the whole person, to be a place of joy and health! We love to give people hope and restore their trust in their body’s power.

Ready to have your nervous system evaluated? At Crystal Lake Family Wellness, Dr. Josh and Dr. Emily Young address the cause of your pain, not just the symptom. We believe that education is a big part of your success! Call (815) 788-7504 for an appointment or click here to schedule online.


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