3 Fun Places to Visit When You're in Crystal Lake

Sometimes when someone is at home and wants to do something fun, they have a hard time finding actual fun places nearby. Luckily for Crystal Lake, that won’t be an issue. There are many fun places and activities for everyone to enjoy by recommendation of our Crystal Lake chiropractor. These are places where people can be active, relaxed, or just for the feeling of having fun. Some of these fun places are Escape Quest, Xtreme Wheels, and the Raue Center. Each experience is filled with fun that can be remembered and treasured for years to come.

Escape Quest

Sometimes when someone wants to have fun, they want to try and focus on puzzles or solve problems to be even more productive. A great place to test problem-solving skills in a fun way is none other than Escape Quest. Escape Quest has two fun escape rooms where a group of eight people solve puzzles and clues to escape in an hour or sooner. There are two main escape rooms, The Tiki Room and Speakeasy. The Tiki room is set in a Tiki Hut on a private tropical Island, while Speakeasy is set in a 1920’s Mob club. Although there are only two rooms at the moment, they are working to create even more and exciting rooms. The admission for one person is $28, which you can easily book online. If there is a group smaller than eight people, Escape Quest may group up with people from other groups. However, that experience can help people get to know each other and create more relationships. Escape Quest also holds special events such as birthdays, ladies night, or bachelor/ bachelorette parties.They also fully support and encourage events for team and corporate building. So for people that want to have a fun day but also use their problem solving skills, Escape Quest is the perfect place.

Xtreme Wheels

If someone is looking for a place to have fun but not focus on problem solving, then another fun place to visit is Xtreme Wheels. Xtreme Wheels is a huge and fun building where people can skate on roller skates and roller blades for as long as they like. They can also enjoy some snacks or play in the small arcade if they want to do more than skating. For some parts of the day, the DJ will either host fun races in the rink or turn down the main lights and put on some fun disco lights. There is also no need to worry about owning roller skates or not, Xtreme Wheels has rental skates and blades that people can purchase just for the day. They are open almost every day, with Monday and Thursday being their private event days. The days that they are open to the public almost always have a fun theme going on, like Disney day or Family Fun day. Some of those days even have special deals, like bogo skates. Xtreme Wheels are also well known for their birthday and school parties and offer special deals for when someone is planning said events. Whether you’re looking to have fun with your friends or spend quality time with your family, Xtreme Wheels is the place for everyone to have fun.

Raue Center

Solving problems and being active can be fun with friends and family, but there are some days where someone would want to have fun and also relax at the same time. The best place to visit in Crystal Lake to accomplish this goal is none other than the Raue Center. This center is a theatre in Downtown Crystal Lake that was originally a Vaudeville Theatre in 1929. Since then, it has been the Theatre where some of the best performances in Crystal Lake debut. The Raue Center is known to have had Tony, Academy, and Grammy award winners perform on their stage. Some of these award winners are Amy Grant, Jane Lynch, and Kate Flannery. People can come to see amazing shows from big names, big production shows, or small cafe shows from performers in the area. These cafe shows are completely free and have an actual cafe bar people can go to. If someone wants to be even more generous, they can donate to the theatre as well so they can renovate their theatre to create even more amazing shows. The Raue Center is definitely a place people should visit when they are in Crystal Lake.