Crystal Lake, IL Wellness Center Highlights the Importance of Educating Patients

The team at Crystal Lake Family Wellness believes that education is a big part of patient success. When the patient understands how chiropractic care works, he or she can be more confident in the process and the outcome.

Chiropractic care is the art, science, and philosophy of adjusting the spine. The spine and the central nervous system are directly related to each other. Every part of the body, including muscles, organs, hormones, and cells, is guided by messages sent through the central nervous system.

The human body has an incredible capacity to heal; in fact, a state of optimal health is the normal state of the human body. However, when stress builds, it alters the body’s physiology.

A healthy spine moves well. When a spinal joint that is designed to move well does not, stress is created, causing a misalignment known as a subluxation. Spinal joints are called synovial joints, which means they are comprised of synovial fluid to distribute nutrition and vital components of spinal health. If a spinal joint becomes misaligned, the synovial fluid does not work effectively, compromising the health of the joint.

The chiropractors at Crystal Lake Family Wellness work to identify areas that are not moving smoothly, and they gently adjust these areas to restore motion and function to the spine. This returns normal function to the joint and normal physiology and health to the nervous system and body.

There can be stress in the spine for years without pain, just like a cavity can be present in a tooth for a long time without discomfort. For this reason, everyone would benefit from not only being checked for subluxation but also regularly maintaining healthy motion through the spine, even if they are not experiencing pain. Today, many individuals and families now utilize chiropractic care to support wellness efforts, not reactively but proactively.

When providing chiropractic care, Crystal Lake Family Wellness wants to instill hope from the moment the patient walks through the door of the office. The philosophy of treatment is to address the root cause of pain and trust in the healing capacity of the human body. A person’s health is his or her most valuable asset. Ultimately, good health cannot be measured by feel, appearance, or symptoms, but by whether the body is functioning optimally. Removing stress and correcting alignment can restore optimal functioning and bring good health and relief.

Crystal Lake Family Wellness, a chiropractic clinic in Crystal Lake, IL, focuses on addressing the cause of the patient’s pain rather than just treating the symptoms. Founders Dr. Josh Young and his wife, Dr. Emily Young, have spent years mastering their craft, and they treat each patient with the utmost level of professionalism and compassion. The practice takes the time to educate clients and truly listens to the needs of each patient.


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